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Supsıs Communication Solution

HelpDesk | Chatbot | Whatsapp &Social Media Integration

Omnichannel optimization, it reduces the total workload by more than 70% thanks to ChatBot Integration.

SUPSIS Helpdesk

Written communication is the healthiest way of communication in the fast and constantly divided new world. SUPSIS speeds up your messaging with all your customers and continuously reports in detail.

  • Language Translator
    Write in your native language with automatic language translation, send a translated message to the other party.
  • Video & Voice Call
    Make video and audio calls, share screen, send files, pictures, locations, and audio!

What you can do with CHATBOT is only limited by your imagination.

Would you like to have tireless, error-free personnel? Supsis chatbot provides exactly that to you. With our chatbot system integrated with artificial intelligence and ChatGPT, we can provide service to your customers 24/7 and integrate with all platforms.

  • Automatic
    You can automate the management of all your social media and website, and provide support in any language. You can reduce the management costs of communication channels.
  • planning
    You can provide fast and scalable solutions to all your issues such as reservations, sales, information gathering, inventory, shipping, and more.

Manage all your social media accounts from a single SUPSIS panel!

In the developing world, new audiences and platforms are added to social media every day. Companies need to be present on these social media platforms in order to interact with their customers. With our developed application, you can manage all your social media platforms from one channel. With features such as chatbot, language translation, and CRM, you can eliminate communication problems and provide personalized attention to each of your customers.

  • Secure
    You can add your customer data to Supsis chatbot and chat support system as contacts in excel and csv formats. You can segment these contacts as you wish and send dynamic bulk messages. You can easily manage the intensity of the bulk message you send with the WhatsApp chatbot system we provide you.
  • ChatBot Integration
    Do you want to have an always-available, error-free staff powered by your imagination? Supsis chatbot provides exactly that. With our integrated artificial intelligence and ChatGPT chatbot system, we can provide 24/7 customer service on all platforms.

Provide VIP service with Video and Audio Calls, and Screen Sharing.

You can have video calls with your website visitors, whether they are connecting from a web or mobile device. By offering this service to your customers, you can provide them with confidence and take your customer relationships to the next level.

  • Secure
    No need to download any software. Just having them on your website is enough to chat with them. Provide attention to your customers who need it.
  • Help
    You can watch the screens of your website visitors and provide support if they encounter any problems.

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IT (Information Technology) service is a service that involves managing, maintaining, operating, and updating an organization’s IT infrastructure, including servers, network devices, software applications, databases, security systems, storage systems, and other hardware and software components. IT services play an important role in increasing organizations’ productivity, reducing costs, and ensuring business continuity.


Fixed-rate billing means that your monthly bill amount will remain the same. This makes your monthly payment obligations more predictable and makes it easier to plan your budget.

The duration of a managed services contract may vary depending on the needs of the business and the services the provider offers. The contract period can range from one year to five years, sometimes even longer.

Free antivirus software typically offers less features and protection compared to paid software. There are concerns that some free antivirus software may harm users by serving them ads or spyware, and may also track their information.