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Web Projects

Web software is a structure where dynamic or static pages can be viewed through browsers. Although static pages are no longer widely used, dynamic web software is mostly preferred today. Web software can be developed based on many programming languages and can have different designs depending on their purposes. As SoftCand, the software we mentioned is the name given to the collection of add-ons and controls that you want to have on your website.

One of the most curious topics for internet users today is how a website is built through the browser program they use. Web software covers all stages under two main topics.

Web software generally becomes necessary when you want different features on your website. If you work with our web developers when creating your own projects, your project will be both quality and manageable. Our web developers will prepare a template for you and customize it according to your requests. You can make any project in your mind concrete by making the necessary preparations. PHP, Django, Laravel, and ASP.NET are the most commonly used languages in web software languages.

As SoftCand, we offer web software, web-based, web design, and mobile application project solutions to our customers and companies. We aim to provide you with the best service with our customized software according to your needs.

Our web developers will prepare a template for you and customize it according to your requests.

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    The Easiest Way to Grow Your Business: Customizable Web Applications

    Customizable web applications are the most cost-effective and effective way to custom-designed software for your business. As SoftCand, we help you grow your business by designing the customized web applications you need for your business.

    e-commerce solutions

    E-Commerce Applications

    As SoftCand, we develop customized web applications for e-commerce sites. These apps allow you to provide the best service to your customers by offering a shopping experience tailored to your business needs.

    Productivity Applications

    Customized web applications to increase efficiency in your business allow you to manage all your business processes from one place. As SoftCand, we develop productivity applications that contain all the features you will need for your business. In this way, you can manage your business faster and more effectively.

    e-commerce solutions

    Web Applications

    Web applications are software that can be used through an internet browser. Such applications do not require installation by users and offer easy access. Web applications are used by businesses in different sectors for different purposes such as business process management, customer relationship management, data analysis, e-commerce.

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    For Management of Business Processes

    Web applications allow businesses to easily manage their different processes. Such applications can be custom developed and tailored to the needs of the business. Web applications are frequently preferred to increase the efficiency of businesses.

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    For E-Commerce

    Web applications are an essential tool for e-commerce businesses. It performs many operations such as online shopping sites, order management, payment transactions, stock tracking through web applications. This allows e-commerce businesses to transact faster and easier.


    For Customer Relationship Management

    Web applications are also used for customer relationship management. For example, customer support systems are managed with web applications. Such applications facilitate processes such as tracking, responding and reporting customer requests.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Web applications are online software available to users through browsers. Web applications, which can be accessed over the Internet and offer different functions, are used in many areas from e-commerce sites to bank applications.

    Deciding on which web application language is the best depends on the project’s needs and requirements. However, among the most popular web application languages are PHP, Django, Laravel, and ASP.NET.

    When developing web applications, design and functionality are brought together under two main topics. Web applications can be written in various languages ​​as needed to offer different features and functions.

    Web applications give users access via browser without having to download any application or software. Also, they can be accessed from multiple devices and updates can be done centrally.

    Web applications can be quite secure when developed and managed properly. However, correct security measures must be taken to avoid security vulnerabilities.

    Web applications are often run through servers. For this reason, the performance, security and features of the server where you will host your application should also be considered. Cloud-based servers offer high performance, scalability and security options.

    There are many languages ​​available for web software. Which language you choose depends on the characteristics, size and purpose of your project. For example, PHP is generally preferred for open source web applications, while ASP.NET is more suitable for large scale and complex applications. By contacting us, you can determine the most suitable language for your project.

    The security of web applications depends on many different factors. Security is important in many areas, starting with the design of the application, the software languages ​​used, server configurations, and updates of third-party libraries. To ensure security, we keep your web application up to date, use strong passwords, add authentication and authorization mechanisms, and continue the project with secure coding techniques.

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