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  • The positive side of Covid-19: Working From Home

Perhaps the only positive aspect of Covid-19, which has affected the world, is that it shows how efficient and cost-effective the work-from-home system can be. According to research conducted before Covid-19, 80% of companies in Germany, 76% in Brazil and 58% in India already had flexible working conditions. It is now clear that these practices will increase their influence all over the world. So much so that Facebook has reported that as of 2030, half of its employees will work from home. Twitter says its employees can work from home. Google said it will work from home by the end of the year and will announce positions where it will be appropriate to work remotely for later. Apple announced that it will work from home in the early stages of its product development processes. No institution in our country has yet made a statement on this issue. With the new working model, people will be able to do their jobs, whether in a resort or in a cafe. In such a system, you don’t have to have a job in the same city.

You can even work in another country by sitting at home. Working from home also has drawbacks in terms of staff. Research shows that staff who work from home work an average of 1.4 more days a month. That’s 16.8 days a year. Under the new scheme, working hours need to be kept under control. In the new working order, companies will be able to adapt to fundamental change through their communication and human resources policies.