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What is Supsis

You can increase your interaction with visitors to your website through the Supsis live support system, which serves as a product of Softcand Software. Through Supsis, you can respond to requests from all communication channels in one application and provide online support to your visitors. Your customers can reach you at any time and their demands will not go unanswered. This will eliminate time-wasting between applications and give you effective customer support. If you wish, you can facilitate your representatives ' communication with customers by adding ready content to the live broadcast support system. By adding banned words and filtering out harmful or unrelated content, you can get your representatives to communicate with the right people. If you wish, you can report the daily conversation Times of your representatives at the end of work and manage your workflow.

The Subsis live broadcast support system will satisfy both your customers and your representatives thanks to its user-friendly interface. We keep your conversations safe with advanced 128-bit SSL encryption. You can contact Softcand Software for all detailed information about the Subsis live broadcast system.

Supsis Demo

If you want to test our Supsis application, you can find it here.

Demo Link

Supsis Live Support Application