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Web Design

We design your web sites in a professional manner using up-to-date technologies with our staff of experts on the subject. We take care that your websites are integrated in the digital world and provide you with benefits.

Websites on digital platforms are the corporate identity of the firm. You use your website to access multiple audiences on the internet and to enhance your customer portfolio. With a meticulously designed website, you increase the likelihood that each person who visits your site will be your customer. So much so that research shows that consumers study the design of the site before shopping on a website. Visitors who have difficulty reaching their needs leave the site in a short period of time and never enter again. With our designs, we allow your visitors to stay longer on the site and visit the site again. Every visitor you earn for your site returns to you as a new customer.

We keep your site active with original and up-to-date content as well as design. This situation both attracts the attention of your visitors and is valued by the search engines. The most important goal of websites is to rise to the top rank in search engines. We design our websites according to Google’s criteria and we always keep you in the top position. We also make sure that our websites are UX and UI compatible.

Research shows that people who visit websites log in more than mobile devices. We make sure that your site is mobile-compatible so that your users do not encounter any errors while visiting your website. With mobile-compatible websites, you can reach a large audience.

Software Development

As Softcand Software, we solve the needs of our domestic and international customers by using the latest technologies. In today’s intense competitive environment, businesses stand out with their special ways of doing business. If your company’s software needs cannot be solved with ready-made software, we increase your productivity with appropriate software solutions. With our team of experts in the field, we accurately analyze the needs of our customers, offer appropriate solution alternatives and develop your software. In this way, you can easily track your work and easily communicate within and between units.

With mobile, web, intranet and desktop applications, we produce solutions for all kinds of needs of our customers. By contacting our customers directly, we determine the strategies for web application development and we begin to work. It is more preferred by users because of the ease of Use and accessibility of mobile devices. In addition to desktop applications, we also make mobile applications for the needs of our customers.


E-commerce is developing rapidly in our country and in the world. Today, e-commerce systems are very preferred because they reach a large customer base. With our country’s best e-commerce infrastructure and innovative ideas we produce, we enable our customers to appeal to a very wide audience.

We take you one step forward in the e-commerce sector, where our customers ‘ wishes are taken into consideration and where the competition is very competitive. On the other hand, there are many free or package systems in this sector that will meet the needs of the users. Although it is preferred by individuals or companies due to low fees in the first place, problems can be experienced in the areas of Update, development or usage difficulties after a while. In order to avoid such problems, we design the e-commerce systems that we have prepared specifically for you from the beginning and offer a system that you can use in the long term. This package of e-commerce systems in the market can be seen as affordable at first glance. However, when additional features are requested, either the cost is too much or none of these requests are realized. With an e-commerce system designed specifically for you, you can easily highlight the products you want to market and increase your brand awareness. If you do not yet have an e-commerce system, contact Softcand software immediately.


Increase site traffic, sales and productivity by improving the search ranking and visibility of websites. As Softcand Software, we evaluate the search engine results of your website and determine the appropriate strategy for you and provide solutions. In our country, the search engine comes to mind and is the most used Google. For this reason, Google’s algorithm is used in the services provided for SEO consulting. We are also closely monitoring Google’s updates, working meticulously and analyzing all developments with transparency.

Usually the preference of all businesses is to be ranked first in search engines. That’s why they spend serious money promoting websites. And sometimes that money goes to waste. But Seo is more important than advertising for websites to rise to the top. With regular SEO work, businesses make a difference to their competitors. Thanks to SEO, which requires regular and organic work, businesses can be ranked first according to their sectors. The code structure of your website should also be compatible with the new technology. Your site should be mobile-compatible and user-friendly. If you do not have such a site yet or want to find out the suitability of your website for SEO, you can contact Softcand Software.