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SoftCand Software

01. When and where was SoftCand Software installed?

SoftCand Software was founded in Technopark Istanbul in 2020.

02. Is the software tailored to the individual and the organization?

Our experienced team in SoftCand Software produces solutions to your needs by producing software in line with the needs of our customers.

03. Can we do the updates ourselves after the software specific to the need?

In addition to your site, you can update your website at any time with a panel specially prepared for you.

04. How is technical support provided?

As Softcand Software, we answer all questions about the software at any time through our call center.

05. What software languages do you use?

Python, NodeJS, PHP, C#, SQL, NoSQL… we don't use any specific language. We provide services for the need.

06. Are there special training programs for software?

In accordance with the service package you received, the training you requested is provided by our expert team.


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